Land Loss Schematic


Rachel Avena Brown and Leah Floyd


Stemming from our interest in geographical maps, and as Louisiana residents, we have created a schematic inspired by the land loss experienced on the coastline of Southern Louisiana.  The colors highlight the areas lost to wetland devastation and erosion and mark the emotions that this level of loss evokes.  Land Loss Schematic projects the possible future of the Louisiana coastline, redefining the boarders of the United States, if no preventative actions are taken.  As artists we are offering this textile as a warning and not a factual depiction.  This installation was created in situ, utilizing the architectural structure of the bookshelves as both a metaphor and an actual archival process.  The fabric and yarn emphasize the malleability of the land and water and our process of physically mending the coastline prioritizes action over apathy.  



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