This diptych explores the intersection of craft and technology- combining the actual quilt with this video of the quilt hovering over water.

 The quilt design is taken from a topographical map of the ice levels of Antarctica.  A technique called appliqué (the layering of different fabric to make the final image) emphasizes the concept of layers and levels which draws from Freud’s metaphor of the iceberg and his distinction between the conscious and unconscious.  Over the course of 40 plus hours of construction (pattern making, cutting, ironing, sewing) I experienced different levels of alertness and different stages of ‘meditation’.  

Acknowledging the form and function of a quilt is important to better understand the piece. Quilts go on beds and people sleep in beds and they dream in beds- there is a connection between the dreaming and the subconscious with the similar state of meditation while quilting. 

The video can be seen in the audio/video section of the website.





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