My ancestor Charles Floyd was an explorer.  He was a member of the Core of Discovery that accompanied Lewis and Clark as they explored the Louisiana Territory from 1804 to 1806. Floyd was the only member to die on the journey, his body being buried just 300 miles west of the Mississippi River in Sioux City, Iowa.  His premature death prevented him from exploring those uncharted territories.  With the desire to fulfill my ancestor’s quest, I have traveled a  similar route of the expedition, from Oregon to New Orleans, completing his journey.  For You, Charles Floyd, is a body of work that investigates family lineage and the act of exploration.  Utilizing the familiar imagery of kaleidoscopes, and employing collage techniques with both photographs and fabric, I explore the mailability of the land and the experience one has by transversing it.   Constructing new landscapes, with aspects of the original, I am able to recontexualize them into a visual that consolidates and forces time and space together.
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